Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Volunteer to protect Howard County's watershed

We all are aware how water that runs off our yards eventually flows into our lakes and ponds and eventually the Chesapeake Bay.  The dredging of our lakes and algae blooms each summer are only the most visible signs of how we impact our watershed. The picture above shows how rain water runs off our yard and is the area I plan on having a rain garden installed this Fall.    Now there is a way to become more active in this effort.

Become a Certified Howard County Master Watershed Steward
  • Want to be a leader in your community?
  • Want to get off the sidelines and make a real change?
  • Is there a drainage problem in your neighborhood that you want to fix?
  • You don't have to be an expert, we'll show you the way!
  • The Howard County Watershed Stewards Academy is a great opportunity to learn how to solve environmental problems in your community and find a local network of energized leaders.

Applications due September 12th.  Contact Barbara Schmeckpeper, 410-381-5279 or Sylvia Huestis at
Program sponsors are University of Maryland Extension, Howard County, Columbia Association, Howard County Office of Environmental Sustainability, Center for Watershed Protection and the Howard County Legacy Leadership Institute for the Environment.

Master Watershed Stewards work with their communities to:
    Assess Watersheds - identify their pollutant sources and create strategies for reducing these pollutants.
    Educate Communities - help neighbors understand the most pressing environmental problems in their area
    Reduce Pollutants - work with communities to target pollution sources such as pet waste, fertilizer or pesticides
    Coordinate Action - help communities reduce the polluted runoff by coordinating the installation of rain gardens, rain barrels.

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