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Monday, December 23, 2019

Bridges to Housing Stability Fundraiser

Bridges and Main Event are coming together to raise awareness about homelessness within our community. On Sunday, January 12th from 5 pm - 8 pm, Bridges will be at Main Event and we hope you will join us! This will be an evening of great fun which will also support a great cause! Main Event will donate 20% of any arcade game, food, non-alcoholic beverage, activity, or gift card purchase made between 5 and 8 pm to Bridges. The only thing supporters need to do is drop their receipt to Bridges’ table before leaving! Please spread the word about this event to further support Bridges. Visit for more information. 

    Here is a future event to put on your calendar:
Event Title: Restaurant Day at Shannon’s Saloon
Event Date/Time: Thursday, February 13, 2020
Event Description: Bridges is honored to invite you to our annual Restaurant Day at Shannon’s Saloon & Restaurant which will take place all day on February 13th. Show your love for Bridges by dining at Shannon’s and Bridges will receive 20% of your pretax total (no exclusions). Shannon’s Saloon is a long-term partner of Bridges who annually supports our mission to prevent & end homelessness in Howard County. By visiting this local favorite, you will help Bridges provide housing-related services to homeless and low-income persons working to become self-sufficient. Visit for more information.



Saturday, December 21, 2019

If you want to see a gender difference read this Washington Post article

Image result for woman apoligizing"

    I have to post an article that was in the Post about the gender difference in the answers to a question last night at the Democratic Debate.  It made me think about how women are so much quicker to apologize than men.  I have noticed that when I bump into a woman by accident the woman invariably apologizes to me even if I was the person who wasn't looking where I was going.  Maybe this is a quality we could use in a President.  Here is the article:
"The question was an oddball for a presidential debate, offered to the candidates as a choice in the spirit of the holiday season: Either name a gift each would give to a rival onstage or ask forgiveness from a fellow candidate.
In a Democratic field with a historic number of top female contenders, the responses were revealing. Only the women chose to be contrite.

“I will ask for forgiveness,” said Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.). “I know that sometimes I get really worked up. And sometimes I get a little hot. I don’t really mean to.”
Sen. Amy Klobuchar (Minn.) was similarly reflective: “Well, I’d ask for forgiveness, any time any of you get mad at me. I can be blunt, but I am doing this because I think it is so important to pick the right candidates here.”
The five men onstage, in contrast, offered the gift of their ideas. Several suggested giving others books they had written. Others focused on policy proposals they hatched.
In a campaign that has emphasized policy differences, generational divides and geographical values, this single question illustrated another dimension — what many see as a double standard in the ways men and women are expected to behave.
“It’s an ingrained gender stereotype that men don’t have to apologize for being labeled angry,” said Amanda Hunter, a spokeswoman for the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, the Cambridge, Mass.-based nonprofit organization that focuses on electing more women to top jobs and promoting women in contemporary art. “Many of the women watching the debate could relate to feeling that pressure.”
She added: “Women feel like they have to apologize if they appear angry or forceful, and men get the benefit of the doubt.”
None of the men who answered the question asked for forgiveness.
“I don’t think I have much to ask forgiveness for. You all can correct me on this,” said businessman Andrew Yang, who was the first to answer.
After pondering the question, he noted that Warren is now reading his book. If she likes it, he mused, others on the stage probably would too.
“I would love to give each of you a copy of my book,” he said, and then broadened the answer into a mini commercial for the tome.
“If you like data, this book is for you,” Yang said. “This goes to the people at home, too. If you like data. And books.”
Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) mimicked the answer. “Well, I can give out any one of four books that I wrote,” he quipped, before insisting the best gift would be the agenda he’s running on.
South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, too, offered his writings. “Come to think of it, I should probably send my book around more, too,” he said.
But he settled on a broader gift, saying that defeating President Trump would suffice. And turned the question into a bit of a warning: “Let’s make sure there’s not too much to ask for forgiveness for,” Buttigieg said.
Joe Biden didn’t try to sell a book. Instead, he appeared to get annoyed with Warren, who had won applause for explaining how deeply she’s affected by the stories of suffering she hears from voters who stand in line to take photos with her.
“You’re not the only one who’s done selfies, Senator,” the former vice president said. “I’ve done thousands of them. Thousands of them."

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Remarkable visual that defines our two political parties

116 Congress members

     Having endured watching hours of the impeachment debate in the House yesterday I couldn't help but notice the major difference in our 2 political parties.  While Republicans spoke you saw a party that is almost entirely made up of white men, many with Southern accents.  Democrats had a diversity of speakers that included many more women and persons of color.  The Republican party has become a narrow regional party that clings to the American reality of the 1950s.  Make America Great Again is code to tell many Americans to go back to knowing their inferior place in our Country.

Friday, December 6, 2019

Tonight's Ellicott City's Midnight Madness


Catch the contagious holiday spirit at our 41st Annual Midnight Madness.  Enjoy dining and shopping in Old Ellicott City with strolling carolers, Santa, the Main Street Tree Lighting and more. Come see what’s new in Old Ellicott City!


Visit Santa! 4 – 8pm at Firehouse Museum

Santa will be in residence to say hello to all good girls & boys.
Parents are welcome to take their own photos!

Little Elves’ Workshop 4 – 7pm at Pivot

Kids crafting activities for a nominal fee with complimentary snacks

Tree Lighting Ceremony 6pm at
Baltimore & Ohio Ellicott City Station Museum

Enjoy performances by Long Reach High School Madrigals, hear from County Executive Calvin Ball, and help us count down to the Main Street tree lighting

Outdoor Holiday Market 6pm – 12am at The Wine Bin

Live music, wine/beer garden, food by Little Market Cafe and artisan gifts

OEC Charming Holidays continues

Get your starter bracelet at A Journey from Junk or Reclaimed by You (for a small donation to ECP) and collect charms at 39 participating businesses free with purchase.  Get all the details HERE

Lyft & Uber are encouraged!

Lower Main (East): Old Mill Cafe – 4 Frederick Rd Ellicott City 21043
Upper Main (West): Roger Carter Center – 3000 Milltown Dr Ellicott City 21043


Catch the continuous running shuttle at these locations:
George Howard Building (3430 Court House Drive)
Circuit Courthouse (8360 Court Avenue)
Firehouse Museum (3829 Church Road at Main Street)
The Wine Bin (8390 Main Street)
St Peter’s Episcopal Church (3695 Rogers Avenue)


Thursday, December 5, 2019

The rationale for impeachment that seems to have been forgotten

   Watching the impeachment hearing yesterday focus on whether bribing the Ukranian president to investigate the Bidens was an impeachable offense I couldn't help but think that there is another reason why Trump should be removed from office.  That reason is him being identified as an unindicted co-conspirator in the criminal trial of Michael Cohen.  If he wasn't president he would probably be sitting in jail next to Michael Cohen.  For any president to have to use occupying the White House as the only way to not be in jail seems to me to be a good reason to take away that protection.

   We know that Trump will try to grant pardons out to his convicted friends and it will be interesting to see how he tries to give himself a pardon for the crimes he has committed or to be charged with after he is no longer president.