Sunday, November 28, 2021

The pandemic has changed the way we view working in an office


      One of the most significant cultural changes that the pandemic has created is the need to work full time in an office.  While many workers in the tech field have the capability to work remotely, many other workers in more traditional jobs have found out that it is only necessary to work part-time in the office while working remotely other days of the week.  The need to have everyone in the office every day has been shown to be unnecessary for most employers.  Overlapping employees one day a week, usually on Wednesday, seems to meet the need for general staff meetings.  Online technology has made collaborative work easy for employees working remotely.

     The greatest benefit to remote work is a much greater work/life balance.  Not having to commute to work and spending 1-2 hours a day in your car on a crowded highway is a considerable benefit for many employees.  Seeing your kids off to school and not rushing home for family dinners is a nice benefit.  Doing shopping during the day instead of more crowded weekend days is also a benefit.  Not having to spend considerable money on gas, work clothes, and dry cleaning is a considerable cost saving. 

     I experienced this work transition when I retired from working in an office to doing consulting from home 17 years ago.  The technology that we have today was nothing like what is available now.  Not everyone had an email address and a great deal of business was still done over the phone.  Phone conference calls were no substitute for Zoom calls.  Business meetings were not held in my home office but at local Starbucks and Panera Breads.  People loved getting out of the office to meet me over breakfast or a cup of coffee than in their offices.  I quickly noticed how much more productive I was without the interruptions that frequently occurred in the office.  It wasn't unusual for casual conversations with co-workers to waste 1-2 hours of the workday.  The number of unproductive meetings that were held just because they had always been held was eliminated.  I can remember having general and program staff meetings every week that never produced anything of significance other than being a time-waster. 

   Finally, the biggest benefit of remote work is not being tied to having to live in a location that is close to your workplace.   What to live at the shore or the mountains and yet work for a company located in a city? No problem if you only have to show up in the office occasionally.  Why have to wait till you retire to live where you want?  Why only have the chance to go on vacation 2 weeks a year when you can do your job at a vacation resort just as easily as when you are at home?  Talk about a silver lining to a pandemic!

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Something to realize about COVID

  From the Maryland Vaccine Hunters Facebook page:

This is what the cases and hospitalizations look like in Vermont, which has currently fully-vaccinated 72% of its population against COVID-19. It has the highest vaccination rate of any state in America. Almost nobody in the state of Vermont that is fully-vaccinated is getting hospitalized or dying due to COVID-19 (far less than 1%).

Hospitalizations are nearing record highs, and they're being driven by just 28% of the state's population, the 28% that remain unvaccinated. Hospitalizations were lower one year ago when nobody had been vaccinated against COVID-19. Something to think about.

Remember when we lined up to end Polio and brought that disease to an end? Talk about a government mandate!  Have we forgotten that?

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Don't forget trash and recycle days slide this week starting tomorrow


With Thanksgiving trash and recycle days slide one day starting tomorrow.  The days don't slide for Christmas and New Year's because they both fall on a weekend day this year.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Did you miss the big moment in American history that was made yesterday?

   We thought that Hillary Clinton was going to be the first American female president.  For 85 minutes yesterday, Kamala Harris was Acting President while Joe Biden underwent a colonoscopy.  Maybe soon we won't have to sedate a man to get a female president.  Welcome, Madam President.

     We have colonoscopies to thank for the only times we have had an acting president.  Twice for George W. Bush and now once for Biden.  It is interesting that a medical procedure gave us something that the Electoral College denied us.