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Friday, August 26, 2022

The new way to cover up you are a bigot


   The right wing has developed many ways to cover up being a bigot.  Being part of the Moral Majority sounded more positive than being against civil rights and being "pro-family" sounded more positive than being against gay rights.   The Right would have you believe that being against taking down Confederate statues was not about slavery and racism but supporting "heritage." 

    The newest spin of this is being against "wokeness." This trend may have originated in the US but it seems to have been picked up in many other countries.  Just what is the right against?  Here is the definition of wokeness:

"state of being awareespecially of social problems such as racism and inequality.  Wokeness encompasses the need to search for more knowledgeunderstanding, and truth in order to challenge injustice."

    The next time you hear a politician speak against "wokeness" remember what they are really against.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Alan Kittleman for County Executive


    It seems strange for me, a committed liberal Democrat, to endorse a Republican for any office these days but in Howard County, we are lucky to have a quality person like Alan Kittleman.  Alan is a responsive elected official who is the type of official we are lucky to have in Howard County.  Get to know Alan.


Sunday, August 7, 2022

Something to think about the next time you fertilize your lawn


    That green lawn that you value so much has caused our local lakes to be unusable during the later summer months.  Centennial Lake has been closed to boaters for a couple of weeks because of an algae bloom.  Those things happen because of the fertilizer used on local lawns.


This type of thing doesn't just happen to our local lakes but also impact lakes as large as a Great Lake like Erie shown below.

   These are the dangerous impacts of algae blooms:

  • Direct exposure to algae. Harmful algal blooms sometimes create toxins that are detrimental to fish and other animals. ...
  • Dead zones and hypoxia. Nutrient pollution can create dead zones - areas in water with little or no oxygen - where aquatic life cannot survive. ...
  • Acid rain. ...
  • Air pollution.

Something to think about when you admire your green lawn.