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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Are Columbia and Ellicott City now "Twin Cities?"

Columbia/Ellicott City have once again rated in the top 10 for best small cities to live in the United States by Money Magazine.  We now come in at number 8.  Weren't we just number 2 in 2010?  Are we falling behind???  Didn't we just get a Wegman's and soon a Whole Foods store?

   This year's number one is Carmel, Indiana. At first I thought it was Carmel, California and who wouldn't like living there.  But Indiana?  Near Indianapolis?  Near the city that stole the Colts??? I have been to Indiana and Indianapolis and I'm staying put in Maryland.  Everything there seems 20 years out of date and Lake Michigan is not the Eastern Shore or the Atlantic Ocean.

    The other thing I don't get is why Columbia and Ellicott City are linked like twin cities.  I know that the development of Columbia has long ago spilled over into Ellicott City but I don't find much of the planned features of Columbia in Ellicott City.  Columbia would look like an ordinary suburban development created by housing developers if not for Jim Rouse and the Rouse Company.  Where are the bike paths and pools in Ellicott City? OK I will grant you that Main Street in Ellicott City is a fun place to visit and shop but take that away and Ellicott City is a fairly bland place.  I think Columbia would still be on the list without Ellicott City but I doubt that Ellicott City could stand alone and make the list.

    Well I guess insulting a Midwestern state and Ellicott City is enough for one day.

OK Ellicott City, I really do like your Asian merchants along Route 40.

We are still the number 8th best place to date a "nerd."  Take that Carmel!

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