Friday, August 10, 2012

Sport overload

      Last night was one of those evenings when it was hard to know what sporting event to watch. Certain times of the year sport seasons overlap. Thank goodness for the DVR.
      The Ravens played their first preseason game and despite the newspaper's reports that Joe Flacco and the offense would have to carry a heavier load this season the first team offense looked like the ineffective group that Raven fans have seen too often.  After a horrible first quarter they finally woke up and scored a touchdown in the second quarter.  Joe just isn't that mobile a quarterback. Second string quarterback Tyrod Taylor was impressive especially with his ability to avoid the rush and running with ball.  Wide receiver Torrey Smith looked like the speedy receiver the Ravens have needed for a long time.
      The Orioles playing at home with a five game winning streak, their best pitcher on the mound and the future superstar Manny Machado starting at third base made for a can't miss game.  Unfortunately the Orioles were never in the game after the first inning.  I have attended games in Frederick and Bowie just to watch Machado and he had a very good game with a triple and single.  Great speed and good fielding hands.  I hope he stays in the majors.
     The United States women's soccer team was playing Japan for the gold medal in the Olympics.  I have to say that my interest in watching the Olympics has gone downhill after Michael Phelps and the swimming events have ended.  The US women's team lost to Japan last year in the World Cup and got their revenge in winning the gold medal yesterday.  Soccer still seems a little boring with most of the action running up and down the field with infrequent scoring.
     Finally the PGA golf tournament, the last of the major tournaments, got underway yesterday.  Much of the attention was again on how would Tiger Woods do.  Can he finally resume his march to winning more majors than Jack Nickolas.  Where would golf be without Tiger?  I have to admit that I am one of those golf fans that only watch golf when Tiger is in the hunt.  Who cares about the other golfers.  Tiger started well and is in the hunt in the tournament after shooting a three under par 69.  I bet the PGA and the networks are hoping this situation stays like this all four days.


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