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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Facebook Dropout

     The fiasco with the public offering of stock in Facebook is only the latest in the decline of the Facebook phenomenon.  Now it seems that Morgan Stanley, an underwriter of the public offering, is in trouble by only providing its negative assessment of the stock to its best customers.  While Facebook has been useful as a social network it now seems to have lost sight of its original purpose in its pursuit of a successful way to monetize its brand.  It is now just annoying in its desire to gain information about its users.  Socialcam and Farmville users annoy those of us who could care less how you waste your time.

    I have found Facebook to be a useful way to gain information from organizations that I have used in this blog.  I have been able to connect again with high school friends that I haven't seen in many years. So I will continue to check Facebook every once in a while.  I wouldn't be surprised if the recent events will have the same effect on many other people.  Many times being too successful can be the death knell for many initially successful endeavors.

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