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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Best Margarita Pizza with a twist, weekend events (and a great song for the weekend)

   I have heard many people tell me that margarita pizzas are too bland without all the usual toppings.  I believe that the margarita pizza is the only "true" pizza.  Pizza with a lot of toppings ruin the taste of a pizza.  One way that I do make a margarita have more flavor is to use sliced smoked mozzarella.  If you have never tried it with a smoked mozzarella you have missed something special on a pizza.  My recipe for a great margarita pizza.

1) Good pizza dough (I actually like the pizza dough balls from Sam's Club that you get where they make their pizzas).  Roll out with a rolling pin.

2) Canned Cento San Marzano plum tomatoes( I get mine at Costco).  I cut my canned tomatoes in half and spread on the dough.

3) Spread some ground or crushed garlic over the tomatoes.

4) Slice the smoked mozzarella cheese (found mine at BJ's recently) and spread them over the tomatoes.  I sometimes deviate from the traditional to add a little smoked prosciutto (found at Costco also) on top. Other limited toppings to try are onions or red pepper flakes

Heat on pizza stone that has been heated in a 550 degree oven.

Add chopped basil on top after pizza comes out of the oven.


Busy weekend in HoCo with Wine in the Woods and
the Columbia Triathlon.  Must be keeping all the Parks and Rec folks working this weekend!

I don't always remember where I was when I heard of the death of a musician but I do remember my drive to work in 1973 when I heard of the death of Jim Croce.  One of his best songs is the music video of the week

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