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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Testosterone and the Ravens Fans

        I have only been to one Ravens game in person but that experience was one that I will never forget for one reason---seeing men in our most basic masculine form.  Oh, I have been at Oriole games where some guy who had too much to drink would make a fool of themselves but this is an isolated fan at most baseball games.  At a NFL football game this is a large part of the crowd.  My daughter (a non-football fan) and I were castigated by the Ravens fans around us for not cheering loud enough.  One fan even asked us if we were Kansas City Chief fans because we didn't join in their rowdiness.
      I was reminded of this watching the Ravens game Sunday night and hearing the crowd chant "Bullshit!" when they thought the replacement refs had made a bad call.  What a "great" way to show your displeasure!  As a man who has been in plenty of situations where men were course in their language and actions (women will seldom see this "maleness" in its full expression) I couldn't help but think that this isn't something that I would want my kids to experience.
     Watching commercials on TV you can't help but notice the commercials aimed at the declining male "prowess" as men age.  Of course we are all familiar with the Viagra commercials where viral looking men doing manly activities like ranching and driving 60's muscle cars need a little help "performing."  The men all seem to have two day old facial hair and a young looking wife. Never mentioned in the commercials is that the "problem" these men are experiencing is arteriosclerosis caused by a lifetime of poor eating habits.
   We are now seeing the ads for Androgel 1.62% for testosterone replacement to restore your testosterone level.  I hadn't been aware that a lower testosterone level was a medical problem to be treated but it is now that a drug manufacturer has a new drug to push to insure that we have an adequate number of rabid aging football fans.  I don't know why these football fans don't understand that replacement refs are perfect for them to release all their pent up levels of testosterone.

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wordbones said...


Not all of those chanting "bullshit" were men. There were a good number of women lending their voices to that choir, some with more gusto than the men...