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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nazar Middle Eastern Market

   Having read a few blogs from HowChow on the Nazar Market  and always open to visiting ethnic markets I tried it this week.  Located across from Bon Fresco and Lidos Pizza off Oakland Mills Road it isn't the most visible location.  I have to admit that my knowledge of much of Middle Eastern food it fairly limited to lamb dishes, gyros, naan and yogurt.
    The yogurt drink that is shown above is very salty and I couldn't drink it.  Not all what I expected.
  The dry apricot candies from Syria shown above were mildly sweet and more like hard candy than dried fruit.  Still trying to figure out how to use this item.
      The last item I purchased was a package of frozen gyros slices that had 50 slices in the box.  I tried to thaw some of these in the microwave but they turned tough like leather.  I finally had success by just putting them in very hot water to thaw.  I had a person tell me how to make naan bread and I never thought it was so easy to make.  Take a bread or pizza dough and roll it out and put in a hot pan or griddle and turn when one side is done.  It was great.  I made some gyros with the naan, gyro meat, some cucumber yogurt I buy at Costco, tomato slices and shredded onion and lettuce.  Rolled it together like a burrito and it was worth the trip to Nazar.

     Definitely worth a return shopping trip to Nazar.


Annie Rie said...

The gyro meat definitely looks interesting.

I have taken pizza dough and grilled it but never thought of rolling it thin and making naan. Gotta try that.

I have been meaning to hit Bon Fresco for lunch some day, since it is near Mother Natures.

I should stop in Nazar.

HowChow said...

Oh, that salty yogurt drink was a surprise to me too!

There are sweet versions, and I'm sure the salty drink is delicious if they get you young. Heavens know that I eat herring. But I had one sip of the salted yogurt and couldn't drink the rest.

Other fun thoughts at Nazar: 1) the thick apricot leather, 2) ground lamb from the butcher for kabons, 3) the cracked wheat and other grains, 4) the cherry juice in the refrigerator, 5) lots of chocolates and soft drinks that are just a touch exotic. And definitely try the sweets like baklava at the front counter.