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Friday, October 28, 2011

You want to see an example of how "Choose Civility" fits Howard County

I saw a picture that Dennis Lane posted this week on his blog "Tale of Two Cities" and I couldn't help to laugh at the photo and one of the comments posted on the blog post.  It got me thinking in these terms.
New York-- Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Oakland
Occupy Columbia....Median Strip??
I guess it is our version of suburban radicalism where the danger is not from the police but from traffic!
This week we saw two Republican candidates try to cover up saying something that wasn't well thought out as just being their attempt to joke.  First Rick Perry tried to play up to the "birthers" with his comment about not being certain of the President's birth certificate and then Herman Cain made a comment about electrifying the border fence.  When the media played these comments and the reaction to each turned negative both candidates tried to play off their foolish comments as an attempt to be humorous.  Sorry guys it only works when you say that right after the initial comment and not two days later.

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