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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Nutritional Education of Dad

From previous posts this week you might think I was pigging out on beach junk food and while that is part of our beach experience this year has been an exposure to the food of a daughter who is a vegan.  Evening meals have been an experience of soups of leeks, potato and soy sour cream and fruit and vegetables from a juicer.  There has been much discussion on healthy eating and healthy lifestyles with much discussion of the need for eating meat.  Not eating meat has two main components.  One is that it is healthier especially if you only eat organic fruits and vegetables purchased at farmers markets.  The second is the moral position of not eating animals because they are living creatures. This discussion even went into when would cannibalism be moral!

So for Dad giving up eggs, milk, cheese and butter is a little too much but I can see how many of the medical conditions so common in our country are caused by our poor diets and the way our food is grown and processed.  So tonight I am making whole-wheat spaghetti with bruschetta, mushrooms, onions, fresh mozzarella cheese and spinach.  From the juicer we will have two drinks.  One will be with spinach, cucumber, granny smith apples, lime and aloe vera juice.  Second one is mango, carrot, sweet potato and pineapple.

I hope that next year we won’t be down to just eating nuts and grains!  I have heard about people who will only eat what falls from trees or plants.  

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