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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Beach Food

Back in August I was envious that it seemed I was the only one not on vacation but I knew that October would come and I would get my turn at the beach. Starting a beach week in October is a little different in that the nights are cool and days may not be warm enough for swimming.  This year seems to be starting out that way too at Rehoboth Beach.

Something that doesn't change is the food at the beach.  For us it always starts at Grotto's pizza and the following day at Thrashers fries.  Sometime during the week it was crabs and shrimp at Ed's but alas Ed's isn't open this time of year.

Hope your work week is good but you know how a bad day at the beach beats a good day at work!


Looks like the Mango Grove building is no more.  Starbucks soon to be built with a drive thru.  Next Spring I heard.

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