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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Best Thing about having a foreign born population----Ethnic Eateries

 Today is I want to identify some ethnic eateries highlighted in HowChow, Howard County's food blog and someplace you should always read if you want to know about food in Howard County.  I am going to recommend some ethnic places to try that have been reviewed and that I have tried.

Bon Appetit Bakery.  Don't let the name fool you.  Try the bean filled donuts.
Shin Chon in Ellicott City

House of India  Always go for the lunch buffet
Mango Grove and Mirchi Wok.  Old location torn down but will open in the shopping center with Riverside Cafe soon.  My favorite place for their lunch buffet.   I never leave hungry

Sorettis in Burtonsville.  This is really different food.  Most is on the spicy side.

Cuba de Ayer.   Good Cuban Sandwich and fun place.  A little hard to find in Burtonsville near Sorettis.

El Azteca in Clarksville
El Hidalgo in Elkridge
R&R in Shell gas station on Route 1.  You know this is REAL Mexican food at this take out place when you are the only non-Mexican there.

Red Pearl for the weekend dim sum

Pho Dat Trahn  I like the Vietnamese cuisine better than Chinese.  Much lighter food.

Bangkok Delight  Any curry dish

Sushi Sono.  Anything!!!

Ethnic Markets
Lily's Market  Mexican
Blog with many markets listed

Finally if all this has made you hungry you can check out the blog I did on the Korean merchants along Route 40.

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