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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Time for Democrat revenge

     I know that talk of revenge can be destructive.   Today mutual respect in a bipartisan manner seems to be that talking point of Republicans but I am not there yet.  The memory of Republicans not even considering Merrick Garland's nomination to the Supreme Court and their ramming through their own nominee right before the election is too fresh in my memory.  Unbelievably the Republicans did it to Merrick Garland a second time recently when Sen. Graham, who was still chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, refused to schedule a confirmation hearing on Garland's nomination for Attorney General.   Almost all the Republican House members wouldn't vote to recognize an election won by Biden by over 7 million votes as being legitimate. Finally, we are going to see most Republican members of the Senate vote not to convict Trump in the trial this week for inciting a mob to attack the Capitol with some of them wanting to kill members of Congress.  It is time for Democrats to use whatever power they have to restore democracy to our country and not be concerned about getting Republicans on board.   The Senatorial elections in Georgia have given the power to the Democrats to play the game that the Republicans have been unafraid to play the past few years.  Maybe my desire for revenge will lessen and I know that the situation may change in 2 years with the 2022 election but now it is time to make the most of the power the Democrats have in the next 2 years.  Getting things done for people might be a better strategy now than bipartisanship. 


     I know the Bible says "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth" but after the past year I would add "and lose their democracy."


     I know the Democrats have worried about the midterm elections in 2022 but watching the Republican Party fragmenting and becoming the "crazy" party gives me hope that the Democrats can expand their numbers in the next election.

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