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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The Republicans institute the "new" Jim Crow

     After the Civil War, the Confederacy was defeated on the battleground but not on the political front.  Once the Country ended the Reconstruction Period the supporters of the Confederacy took to lynching and enacting laws that restricted the right of the former slaves to vote which became known as Jim Crow laws.  These laws placed barriers such as poll taxes and restrictive tests to stop new voter registrations.  

     With the Biden election, the Republican plan in many states is to again institute restrictive voting measures to suppress the votes of persons who are likely to vote for Democrats. Voter ID laws may seem reasonable until you realize that voter fraud is practically nonexistent.  It is a solution in search of a nonexistent problem.  It is designed to suppress the low-income vote just as the poll tax was designed. Closing polling locations in areas with low-income voters and making them travel farther is a barrier to those without easy transportation resources.  Restricting early voting days in urban areas makes for long waiting lines and discourages people who may not have the ability to stand in line for long periods of time.  These lines are never in rural Republican areas.  With the highest voter turnout in many years with the last election that used mail-in voting, it is hard to understand why more states don't establish this as the primary voting method unless you don't like more people voting.

     The only way for the party of the insurrection can hope to win in the future is to embrace the same tactics as the followers of the Confederacy used 150 years ago.  The Civil War seems never to end.

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