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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Bumbling and incoherent Trump defense

    After hearing a powerful case presented by the House members prosecuting the case against Trump and Rep. Raskin's summary, we saw an incompetent defense of Trump's 3rd rate defense team.  You knew it would be bad when the first defense lawyer mistakenly started by saying he was there as a prosecutor.  He had to quickly correct himself to say he was there as a defense attorney.  I don't blame him for not wanting to defend Trump.  The second defender of Trump today had trembling hands and kept drinking water for his dry mouth.  His impassioned talk was incomprehensible in what point he was trying to make and ended with him tearfully reading a Lincoln poem about our ship of state that had no relevance to the case he was making.  At least a defense attorney for a mass murder would have an insanity defense to explain why their client shouldn't be convicted but all Trump let his attorneys use was that he was no longer President.  After that 44 Republican senators still voted that the trial should not proceed.  Would they have still voted that way if the rioters had got to Pense?

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