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Friday, February 19, 2021

The new Baltimore-Columbia-Washington D.C. corridor


      The Merriweather District continues to grow as a location for high-income tech jobs that is making Columbia the third important city in our region.  If Columbia were an incorporated city it would be the second-largest city in Maryland.  Here is the information from the Howard Hughes Corporation, the developer of the Merriweather District:

   "Five new businesses have been transitioning their offices to Downtown Columbia and will wrap up their moves by the end of March. The companies are Advarra, Ames Watson, Applied Network Solutions, Insperity and Olive AI. They will be leasing more than 50,000 square feet of office space in the growing Merriweather District.  Columbia is rapidly becoming the vibrant 'third city' in the Baltimore/DC corridor. The growing number of companies choosing to move their offices to Downtown Columbia demonstrates our success in creating an innovative built environment that is a burgeoning regional hub for culture and commerce.  The businesses and their focus are:

  • Advarra, the premier provider of IRB, IBC and compliance consulting services who has been instrumental in the development and approval of the vaccines for COVID-19, will occupy 27,130-square-feet within 6100 Merriweather beginning in March.
  • Ames Watson, a private equity firm that purchases, transforms and partners with companies to create long-term value, relocated to 3,866-square-feet within 6100 Merriweather earlier this month.
  • Applied Network Solutions, a technology company specializing in network and cyber domains, will occupy 5,102-square-feet of office space in 70 Corporate Center beginning in March.
  • Insperity, a human resources and business solutions provider, will occupy 12,540-square-feet within 6100 Merriweather in March.
  • Olive AI, a company that builds Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions for healthcare organizations, began occupancy of 2,977-square-feet within One Merriweather in February.

       All those people leaving California to escape the fires and going to Texas must be wondering if that was a good choice of states.


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