Monday, March 10, 2014

How to you spell "q-u-a-d-r-e-f-i-d?"

    How many of us could spell "quadrefid" correctly?  That word was the winning word for 8th grader Megan Rabe in Friday night's 2014 Spelling Bee at Reservoir High School.  I don't know about you but I couldn't spell correctly with out spell check.  When my Word spell check can't find a word I use Google to find the correct spelling.  Our English language has words from so many other languages that spelling and pronunciation rules make it difficult to know the correct spelling of so many of our words.  Those French words in our common vocabulary always throw me off.  I never get "hors d'oeuvres" right.
       Being a Board Member of the Friends of Howard County Library I wanted to experience each of our sponsored A+ events this year.   What I experienced Friday night started out with trying to find a parking space as Reservoir High School.  I finally had to park in the lot of the middle school next door.  I am thrilled that there is this much interest and participation in an academic activity and not just a sporting event.   This says a lot about Howard County.

Spellers get started early as the picture above shows with the winners from grades 1-3.

    When the competition started over 60 of the winners from the County schools began the competition to determine the County champion to go to this year's National Spelling Bee in DC.  Four hours later Ms. Rabe was crowned.  Audrey Lin will be the first runner up alternate.  The next A+ event will be the Battle of the Books where students read books from a selected list of books and then battle each other to answer questions about the books. The event will be April 4th.
    If you ever needed a reason to become a member of the Friends of the Howard County Library, watching one of the A+ events will make you a believer in the value of our Library.


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