Friday, March 28, 2014

Downtown Columbia Path takes shape

     Last night saw a good turnout to hear the latest in the planning from the Toole Design Group for the downtown Columbia path to connect Blandair Park with the Howard County General Hospital.  This new approximately 3 mile path will provide a new recreational path for bikers and walkers through downtown Columbia.

    The path will be built in 3 phases with the first phase connecting Lake Kittamaqundi to Little Patuxent Parkway along Symphony Woods should be completed this year.  The next phase along Little Patuxent Parkway to the Hospital should follow next year.  The final phase through Oakland Mills to Blandair will be the last phase completed hopefully in the next 2-3 years.

     Some of the features of this path will include lighting, signage and rest areas with benches.  Much of the path will have permeable pavement that will allow for rain water to seep through the pavement and prevent runoff.  The more permanent pavement will be on sections of the path with steeper grades.

    One nice feature of the path will be its extra wide width that will allow for usage for both bikers and walkers.  The picture above shows what a 10 ft. width will look like.  Additional there will be a 3-5 foot buffer from road traffic.

     Even though we have still had cold and snow this week the County's largest snow pile in the Target parking lot is beginning to show signs that we should be completely snow free in a week or two.  This will officially bring to an end to a winter most of us will be glad to see go.



Anonymous said...

Real bicyclists don't use "paths"! It's no fun dodging pedestrians at all. When will there ever be a roadway around here with real bike lanes????

Anonymous said...

Real cyclists bike on the street with cars. So man up.
The paths are for kids and families.

Anonymous said...

Riding on a bike trail can be more dangerous than riding on the road because of inexperienced cyclists swerving back and forth, walkers not watching were they are going and dogs. I commuted across town in Columbia for 10 years using the streets and a few trails with no problems. Cyclists have a right to the road and should exercise that right. Just use some sense and follow the rules of the road and you'll be fine. We don't need bike paths, just roads with good shoulders and a way to safely get over major highways.

duanestclair said...

I have had too many close calls with cars on our local roads. Blind corners and inadequate shoulders make biking many of our roads a dicey proposition. Manhood has nothing to do with it. This is the reality too often for bikers on the roads.