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Friday, December 2, 2011

Goodbye Ravens--- Way to kick your fans in the teeth

I am someone who has never purchased an Oriole ticket after the strike in the 1990's.  I couldn't see giving my money to greedy millionaire players or billionaire owners.  Taking my kids to see the Orioles at Memorial Stadium and then at Camden Yards was a great way to share my love of baseball with them.  We were fortunate to have Cal Ripkin as a role model we could hold up as what a ball player was supposed to be like.  Money has changed the game.

Now the latest word is that the Ravens will no longer care that the only contact most of us had with the Ravens was at training camp in Westminister.  Taking my grandchildren to watch the players and get an autograph was an experience that I always looked forward to every summer.  I can understand the inconvience of going to Westminister and the cost but that is the price the team pays for having the "best fans in football."  Now we know that their bottom line comes before their fans.

Looks like I will have more free time on Sunday afternoons than sitting in front of a TV. Watching millionaire players playing for billionaire owners is a waste of time when they only care about themselves.  Maybe it is time to boycott anything connected with the Ravens.

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