Monday, December 19, 2011

Donuts or bagels? It all depends on where you live

Having spent time in northern Pennsylvania the past couple of days I have noticed how difficult it is to find any good bagels. As a bagel eater for breakfast I can't eat the Lender bread bagels they sell here in the grocery stores.  I should have brought a supply of Bagel Bin bagels.

If I want a donut I have the choice of three places that make their own donuts. I have to say running past a place making donuts sure smells great.   Warm glazed donuts smell heavenly.  Good thing I don't carry cash when I run or the temptation would be too great.  Reminds me how my Father was always surprised how hard it was to find a donut place when he came to visit us in Columbia.  I can still hear him saying "What don't you people in Columbia eat donuts?"  A cup of coffee and a donut is a staple here in Pennsylvania.  This was before we started getting Dunkin Donuts in town. As an aside, anyone from the Boston area knows how many Dunkin Donuts they have up there.  One on every street corner.  But in Columbia we couldn't even support the Kripy Kreme place.  I still miss the smell of the donuts that place had.

In trying to differentiate whether a place is a bagel or a donut place I thought of cold weather places vs. warm weather places, Democrat vs. Republican, sedintary vs. active places and the closest I could come up with was urban vs. rural.  With the exception of Boston the dividing demographic seems to urban vs. rural or truck drivers vs. foreign car drivers.

Now I need to get back to my Boston Creme donut  :-) 

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