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Thursday, March 18, 2021

The "personless" March 2020 with social distancing in Amazon photos

    With an Amazon Photos account each day you receive an email link that shows your photos from that day over the years.  In the past couple of weeks, I have noticed something different in my photos from 2020 than my photos from past years.  That difference was that the photos from 2020 were just pictures of sunrises, Spring flowers, and blossoms from my morning runs and nothing with people in the photos.  This contrasted with photos of other years that had many pictures that included people.  March 2020 was a month without "people" photos.  It made me reflect on how socially isolated we were in March 2020.  We thought we would only have to do this for a month and then our world would open up again.  If we knew that we were in for another year of social distancing I think we would have had a collective national case of depression.  Here are just a few photos showing the contrast in years.

                                                Pre-pandemic years photos of March

                                                         2020 photos of March

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