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Monday, March 22, 2021

Have we already moved to a cashless society?


     I recently heard of a study that showed that 30% of people surveyed said they hadn't used cash in the past 30 days.  Some businesses have already gone cashlessSome countries are moving in this direction.  This reality made me stop and think of the last time I used cash to pay for something.  I couldn't remember the last time.   I have been carrying the same $35 in my wallet since I don't remember when.  I have carried the same amount of coins in my pocket since last year without using the coins once.  

     The primary reason I don't use cash is that using a credit card for all purchases is an easy way to track our monthly expenses.  I remember when I started doing this years ago and writing down my expenses on a piece of paper when I paid in cash.  At the end of the month, I would total the expenses up and enter them in a spreadsheet.  I would add the expenses from checks and credit cards and then arrive at our monthly expenses.  I finally realized that I could make the process much easier by just using a credit card for the expenses when I was using cash or a check. Having monthly bills automatically paid by a credit card also makes bill paying easier and rarely having to write a check.  PayPal makes it easier to send money to people than sending cash or a check through the mail.

    It will be a challenge to see if I can go the rest of the year without needing to touch that $35

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