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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Cold hard facts on mass shootings

      Americans makeup 4.2 % of the world's population but account for 42% of the guns owned in the world.  Americans make up 32% of the mass shootings in the world.

      Every time there is another mass shooting the opponents of gun control talk about the problem being related to mental health, video games, or our multi-cultural population. While these issues may be a factor in some cases of mass shootings in the United States the reality is that other countries have the same issues and have far fewer incidents of mass shootings.  The only relevant difference is the number of guns, especially assault weapons, with high-capacity magazines owned by Americans. 

       Background checks and more mental health services may help in a few cases but outlawing AR-15 and other semi-automatic guns with high-capacity magazines will make it harder to kill multiple people.  


      With each mass shooting, it brings back my memories of landing in Las Vegas in 2017 just 10 hours after a mass shooter killed 59 people and wounded hundreds of others at a concert the night before.  Even though the airport was a mile from the stage it was hit with two of the bullets.  The stage where the concert was held the night before was still there 10 hours later.  The area around the stage still had sheets up as some of the bodies had not been removed from the crime scene.

                   The window the shooter had used was just boarded up the next morning.

                                  A memorial had already grown in memory of those killed.

P. S. 1

           Yesterday was also the 3 year anniversary of attending the March of Our Lives march in DC led by the students from Marjorie Stollman Douglas High School.

P.S 2

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