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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Watergate Exposed at the Miller Library tonight

      For anyone over 50 years old the Watergate scandal and the impeachment hearings of a Richard Nixon is one of those memories that stay with you your entire life.  Watching the Ervin Committee hearings, learning about the 18 minutes of missing tape and reading the stories of Woodward and Bernstein in the Washington Post was a real life saga of how not to address a political problem.  Because of Watergate every scandal since has used the word "gate" as part of its name.  Tonight at the Miller Library in Ellicott City those time and memories are brought back to life. As the information on the Library website describes:

"Former National Security Agency analyst Phil Mellinger discusses the high-tech forensic investigations looking to solve some of the remaining puzzles of the Watergate scandal. One of the big questions arises from an 18.5 minute tape gap; listen to the erased tape in this seminar. Trace the origin of the Watergate insights from Deep Throat, Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward's 2005 confidential source who has been identified as former FBI deputy director Mark Felt -- the results are startling.

Mellinger's history-changing research has been covered in
Mother Jones, the Discovery Channel, and the Rachel Maddow Show.

*Registration is required. Register online or by calling 410.313.1950."

I happened to be on Route 32 at 10:30 pm last night fortunately traveling west.  The backup going east was past Route 1.  Guess we might have to get used to the traffic backups to the new casino at Arundel Mills.  I have never understood the appeal of losing your money gambling.

P.S 1.
Strange fact of the day: Are you more likely per mile traveled to die from drunk driving or drunk walking?  OK you probably guess the walking answer or this wouldn't be a question someone would ask.  Freakonomics website is full of these interesting facts.


Anonymous said...

Was Richard Nixon impeached?

Hoco Connect said...

You're right that he resigned before impeachment. I guess I got confused with Bill Clinton getting impeached but not convicted.