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Monday, June 4, 2012

The plastic we throw away ends up where you might not expect

       Last Thursday I stopped at the Starbucks at Shipley's Grant on Waterloo Rd.  As I walked into the store a young man walked over and threw a plastic container into the storm drain by the store.  I normally don't look for trouble but I couldn't help yelling at the guy that the storm drain wasn't a trash can.  To make this worse the trash can outside the Starbucks was right by the door.  The littering mentality is something I have never understood.

      What made this incident more upsetting was that on Thursday morning I had heard a report on NPR about fish in the Pacific being found with plastic in their stomachs.  Like many people who have heard that we should eat fish at least once a week I have been trying to have fish every Thursday for dinner.  But reports like this, the stories about the unsanitary conditions of foreign fish farms and high levels of mercury in some fish have made me wonder if fish are good for your health.

     Maybe it is time to give up the plastic bottles and grocery bags.  Maybe we are seeing the downside of what Dustin Hoffman was told in The Graduate.

My post on Friday on Fifty Shades of Grey had almost 500 views which is double the number I have ever had for a blog in the 18 months I have been doing this blog.  The views continued this weekend with an unusually high number of views for a weekend.  Guess sex still sells---something marketers have long known.

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