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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sushi at Wegman's

  One of the first things I tried at Wegman's this week was the sushi.   Seeing the sushi made in the store you would expect the sushi to be fresh and it generally was.  Prices are about what you would expect.  I generally try mostly the cooked sushi but have also tried the raw.
 The Coconut Shrimp roll at $9.99 was average and not the one I would probably go for again.
 The Brown Rice Spicy Shrimp roll at $7.99 was good and I would definitely get it again
The Volcano Spicy Scallop roll above at $9.99 has been heavily promoted in Wegman advertising and there is even a picture of this as you enter the parking lot.  It was the best of my selected items but also the priciest.

I think the sushi selections are  a good choice for a quick lunch (if getting into and out of Wegman's will ever be quick!).

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