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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Our House- Saving the lives of young men


   The last in my series on organizations you might want to support with a contribution is Our House.  I can think of no more deserving organizations in our area then this program that has changed the lives of young men in the foster care and juvenile justice system. I was fortunate to get to know "Benny" and was quickly impressed with his commitment to the mission of giving young men a skill and purpose in bettering their lives. The program was founded in Ellicott City by Richard Bienvenue  in the 1990's on the grounds of Taylor Manor .

  Our House was able to move to a farm near Olney in 2002 to increase the number of young men that they could serve.  If there is ever a time that anyone is looking at volunteering some time to make a difference in a young person's life then consider volunteering at Our House.   They are always looking for corporate and faith based organizations to engage.  To make a donation click here.

    Our House has been trying to raise funds for a new building to house more youth.


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Jessie Newburn said...

Such a great organization! Benny has done a remarkable job with the program and the young men there. I used to voluneer there in their GED tutoring program years back.

I also wrote a direct mail letter for them when they started their fundraising for the new building. Benny didn't have the guts to send it out, but I still think it could net him what he wants -