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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A suggestion for Giving Tuesday

     A week ago I mentioned that I wanted to highlight some Howard County organizations that you might want to consider donating to during this holiday season.  With this being "Giving Tuesday" I wanted to highlight an organization that has been working with youth in foster care in Howard County for many years. Voices for Children  places volunteers to act as advocates for every foster child in the County.  Most jurisdictions have to prioritize which of their foster children get a volunteer advocate but in our County we are fortunate enough to have enough volunteers that every child has an advocate.  From being a foster parent in Howard County in the past I can tell you that these advocates are essential to insure that the foster children have their needs addressed.
    A few years ago I helped Voices develop a program called Fostering Futures that aims to provide additional support from the community to youth who will be aging out of foster care.  This population is especially in need of support as they transition to adulthood--often with little or no support from their biological families.  Voices is always in need of volunteers to work with this program.
    To make an online donation or to volunteer with Voices click here.


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