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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Time for a bigger vehicle?

      This week I filled up my car at the Sam's Club in Laurel and paid the lowest price for gas in a long, long time.  Is it possible we might ever see gas fall below $2 a gallon as it has in a few states?  Driving home from Laurel I listened to a news report about how the sales of larger vehicles, like trucks and SUV's, have been increasing since the price of gas has fallen the past few months.  Are people really that short sighted to think that gas will not go back up before they pay off that vehicle.  Will these folks be the ones complaining down the road about the high price of gas as they fill up that vehicle in the future?  Sometimes these folks remind me of people who buy stocks when the stock market is up and sell when the market falls.
     At the risk of being labeled a "tax and spend liberal" maybe it is time to raise the federal and state gas tax.  With our crumbling roads and bridges isn't this a good time to raise the revenue to begin to work on this problem?  Wouldn't we all feel better about paying more for gas to improve our roads and bridges than to have it go to Middle Eastern sheiks and the oil companies?  Anyone feeling sorry to hear about the falling price of the oil stocks?

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