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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Meals on Wheels

      A few weeks ago I indicated that many times the commercialization of the holidays misses the point of what is meaningful about the holidays.  I wanted to highlight some worthy local organizations that deserve your consideration for support at this time of the year.  Here is another organization to consider.

    In Howard County since the 1970's Meals on Wheels has been providing meals to our elderly home bound citizens.  For many of our senior citizens these meals are the difference between having nutritious meals or having limited eating choices.  Meals on Wheels provides a hot lunch and cold dinner during the week and prepared meals for the weekends.  Maybe just as important this service provides a regular contact with the person delivering the meals.  Often this relationship becomes as important as the food.  Our local meals are prepared at the Bain Center and delivered throughout the County.  If you would like to volunteer to deliver meals click on this link.  To make a donation click here.


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