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Monday, December 22, 2014

Good bye to Stephen Cobert

     Funny how many of our "friends" we never meet in person but we see them more often than most of our real family.  For the past many years my lunch time has meant watching "The Daily Show" and "The Cobert Report."   They often hit just the right note on the absurdity of our political world.  The genius of Stephen Cobert and Jon Stewart are their ability to combine intelligence with their satirical humor.
     So last week I watched the last Cobert Reports and feel like I have lost a very good friend that I looked forward to watching every week.  I even watched the reruns.  I will probably DVR his new talk show to see how he translates out of character.  Somehow I will still always miss his character on the Report.

    Great to see that my favorite Daily Show correspondent Larry Wilborn with replace Cobert in January.


Anonymous said...

Minor nit: it's "Colbert" not "Cobert."

Hey - I get it now! You did that on purpose because this is a Christmas post - no "L".

duanestclair said...