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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Word substitution as an early sign dementia

  I  once knew a gentleman whose wife had Alzheimer's.  He said that one of the first signs that something was wrong with her was her substituting inappropriate words into sentences as she talked.  Here is one of the 10 signs of early Alzheimer's:

Language problems

Repeatedly having difficulty finding the right word to say, and increasingly, not remembering it later either.
Substituting the wrong word can also occur — either knowingly or without the person's realizing.
"They're not so much making it up, it's just that when they're trying to retrieve the word, the wrong word comes out," Dr Farrow says.
    I was reminded of that listening to Trump yesterday using the word "oranges" for the word "origins."  It is worth noting that Trump's Father died of Alzheimer's.  We had to live through the last few years of the Reagan Presidency with him suffering from the signs of Alzheimer's and now we seem to possibly be going through that again.

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