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Monday, April 1, 2019

Another first for Howard County: Deer farm to open in Western Howard County

Chinesischer Muntjak Muntiacus reevesi Zoo Augsburg-04.jpg

     We have all heard of some unusual animals being kept as house pets.  The most common one is the house pet pig.   As if we didn't have enough deer in our area we will soon have the first breeding farm of a rare breed of deer called Reeves Muntjac.  According to a recent news article local farmer Lirpa Sloof, a native of Belarus, these rare animals have become the latest new fad for a household pet throughout Eastern Europe.  Hollywood celebrity Alyssa Milano started this craze in the United States after visiting Elton John in England and discovering how charming these animals can be as a house pet.  According to Mr. Sloof one advantage for having one of these animals as a pet is they are tame enough for small children to ride.  No need to give your child a horse with one of these as a pet.  Mr. Sloof plans on selling these pets for around $750 but you can "adopt" one at his farm in Lisbon for around $30 a month and visit it at his farm for your small children to ride.  Being the first breeding farm in the United States he expects to eventually sell over 1000 of these pets a year.
     Now you have something new to make your neighbors jealous.


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