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Friday, April 19, 2019

A new way to look at our Conservative/Liberal split

  I recently had a chance to talk with one of those rare (at least in our area)Trump supporters.  Like many Progressive voters, I am confused about how anybody can look at Trump as an example of who they think represents their values.  Something he said reminded me of something I have observed about Conservatives before.  It shouldn't surprise us that Conservatives respond to phrases like "Make America Great Again" or "Take my Country back."  You can guess a person's political persuasion by how they respond to change.  Briefly here is how I see it.
Conservatives feel threatened by change and resist it
Moderates accept change but don't promote it
Liberals embrace change and promote it
      Because of the way people respond to change Conservatives are always fighting a losing battle to keep things the way they are.  This may explain why they are often frustrated and angry.  No one likes to lose all the time in the long run.  They can occasionally win some battles (Trump2016, Brexit) but eventually, the changing times will not work out in their favor.  Science wins over ignorance, tolerance wins prejudice, peace wins over conflict.  It just takes time for this to happen (Buttigieg 2020)

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     Have to wonder about this guy's obsession.

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