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Saturday, April 20, 2019

When a guilty person suffers from amnesia

      Having skimmed through the Mueller Report the part that I found most interesting was the part that showed Trump's written responses to the questions given to him by the Mueller attorneys.   Maybe I should say "the written responses by Trump's attorneys."  The only way Trump wouldn't perjure himself was to have his lawyers write his responses.   Like having someone else take your test.   What is not surprising is that over 30 times the answer was related to him not remembering.  Some times that was the entire answer.  This is surprising when you remember how Trump boasted about his memory.  Or when he mocked a person for her memory.

     You can take your Easter or Passover weekend to read the entire report.

     If Trump isn't working in some embarrassing, possibly illegal, way with the Russians why are there no notes or other American officials invited into his meetings with Putin?  Sounds like there is something "fishy" going on.

    Two more thoughts.  Is it not collusion if you collide in public?  Is it not obstruction is you are too stupid on how to get others to do your obstruction?

P.S. 3
       Aren't we proud of our leader's use of words in his tweets?

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