Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Time for patience is now over

     When the minority President was elected a month ago the message from the defeated side was "Let's give the new administration time to see what happens."  Quite a different message than the one the day after President Obama was sworn in in 2009. Well with the new proposed appointments we now know what will happen to many of the things progressives have pushed during the past 8 years.   The picture above is what came to my mind when I heard of Trump's proposed nominee for EPA chief.   As a climate change denier Scott Pruitt is like letting the fox into the chicken coop.   The climate change deniers are taking a page from the tobacco industry when they tried to discredit the medical information on cigarettes.
    We may be already unable to reverse the damage that the burning of fossil fuels has caused to the climate of our one and only home planet.  The short term self interest of those in the fossil fuel industry shouldn't be allowed to leave a jeopardized planet for our children and grandchildren.

     The Koch Industries funded lobbyist is heading the Trump transition team for the Energy Department.  Not surprisingly the transition team has asked the Energy Department to list employees and contractors who have attended climate change conferences.  Does this sound like the development of an "enemies list?"

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edblisa said...

And Rex Tillerseon as Secretary of State just throws salt into the wound. A whole cabinet of deniers, war mongers, and greedy gazzilionaires are poised to head the nation......SCARY. We will be living "The Hunger Games" really soon.