Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Losses in the Howard County blogging community

      Life changes for bloggers and this leads to blogs coming and going.  We lost Dennis Lane and Tale of Two Cities tragically and life seems to have moved on for Tom Coale and HoCo Rising.  For most blogs the impact of any blog becoming inactive is probably minimal.  But the impact of one blog that has become inactive is significant.  That blog is the food blog called HowChow. This blog had to be the most viewed blog in our County as it was the "go to" source for our food and restaurant choices in Howard County.  Since the first of this year it has stopped posting our choices.  As I said life changes and every blogger has a right to go inactive.  What I have wondered this past year is when someone would pick up the mantle of HowChow and become the new food blogger for Howard County.  I know this is a serious mantle to pick up as HowChow was so well written that all of us maybe intimidated to try to fill this void.
    I used to frequently do my Friday blogs on food and restaurants.  I have an example of that type of blog for this Friday but I don't see myself becoming a serious food blogger because my blogging interest are so broad on so many topics.  I can't see myself ever becoming a "single issue" blogger.  My only hope is that someone out there will make the commitment to pick up the HowChow mantle soon.

     I know there are a few other bloggers that do food blogs and feel free to mention some in the comment section.



Unknown said...

As one who has had her pulse on the hocoblogs community much of the past 10 years, I can say that, yep, the ecosystem of who is involved in local blogging is certainly a changing thing. I think, from anecdotal experience, that bloggers who find a larger audience and can connect with readers stay longer; hence, why I continue to encourage people to send all local bloggers (local by local, not topic) to be listed on It's free ... and you get updates and announcements on our parties, and more readers.

Elizabeth | Take On E said...

I blog about food (most recently, The Turn House) over at Take On E (

There's also The Unmanly Chef ( and 2 Dudes Who Love Food (

HowChow is definitely missed -- have you seen the HUGE stream of comments on his final post from last year? People are still going to his site to talk about local restaurants!