Thursday, December 29, 2016

2 hours of incredible TV


      Once in awhile I highlight a television documentary that is so powerful that I have to share it.  Today is one of those blog post suggestions.  Don't be turned off by having to watch something for almost 2 hours.
      The PBS Frontline program this week had a documentary on the migration from war torn areas like Syria and Africa to Europe. We have been watching the migration this year on the news many nights.  What Frontline did was show the human side to this news story in the most powerful way.  After watching this show it is hard not to feel that our Country's fear rhetoric about terrorists being smuggled into our Country when we accept immigrants from these countries is a travesty.   "Extreme vetting" proposed by some seems to be just another way to ignore our need to reach out to desperate people.
      Watch this program hear and make up your own mind.  Trust me this show will impact you.

    If after watching this you would want to donate to help these refugees here is a link.

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D Nix said...

I agree! This show is powerful and a reality check on the rhetoric that is so easily "retweeted" and that worms its way into the daily lexicon of people who have been convinced to fear the loss of their comfortable way of life. Worth the 2 hours, for sure.