Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Green Turtle's Tips for Tops program for Toys for Tots on Wednesday Dec. 7th

     Last night's blog party at the Green Turtle was one of the best blog parties I have been to.  The food was great and the company was delightful. 

    The Green Turtle sponsors a Tips for Tots every year to support the Toys for Tots program.  Today Wednesday December 7th are accepting unwrapped toys to donate to the program and 100% of tips today will go to Toys for Tots.  If you are looking for a good place for lunch or dinner today the Green Turtle is the place to go for good food and to make a donation to a great program.


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Unknown said...

Hi Duane, I'm so glad you made it out. We were a smaller-than-normal crowd last night, but I also felt it was a great party. Super sweet. Everyone was very engaged and friendly. And the participants were so awesome in bringing Toys For Tots and helping to promote the Tips For Tots program tonight at The Greene Turtles across America!