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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Suggested program for the Robinson Nature Center

    Two of my grandsons have had the experience of attending the Irvine Nature Center preschool in Owings Mills.  Recently this school was nationally recognized for its program.

The program is described this way:

Provide a supportive, safe learning environment to encourage discovery, question-asking and experimentation.

Provide sensory experiences with live animals, natural objects, artifacts, trail activities and art materials for students to utilize all five senses.

Develop cognitive growth and motor skills

Develop problem-solving skills through hands-on games and activities

Introduce language through songs, stories and dramatic play

Cultivate social skills and positive self-image through group play and cooperative learning across ages

Encourage family involvement to help students appreciate the wisdom of their first teachers —their parents/guardians

Appreciate diversity of living things and celebrate individuality of children and families.


Our emergent curriculum is a holistic approach to learning. We embrace your child’s ideas and celebrate seasonal outdoor discoveries. With comparable attributes of Reggio Emilia, Montessori and Waldorf approaches, we address the physical, social and emotional skill development of every child.
Activities include:
Up-close encounters with live animals
Science experiments and use of manipulatives
Language, literacy and writing activities
Creative arts and music time
Interactive puppet play and story time
Healthy cooking and food tasting experiences
Hands-on math activities
Movement and games to promote physical fitness
Imagination Stations for self-guided learning

   Given what a wonderful resource the Robinson Nature Center is to our community I have just wondered if there has ever been any consideration of developing a program like this here.  Howard County would seem like a natural place for this type of program. 


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