Saturday, December 15, 2012

Words fail me today

    Yesterday at 10 am when the school shooting in Connecticut was occurring I was in the Columbia Mall having our family picture taken with five of our grandsons and their parents.  My grandsons range in age from one month to 7 years old.  Somehow looking at those pictures today makes me grieve even more for those families that have lost their children. Because of the ages and innocence of the children killed yesterday somehow this tragedy is even more hard to come to terms with than other shootings.
     I know that over the next few days people will express their opinions to explain this tragedy.  Gun advocates will talk about how it is not guns but the shooter.  Those on the Religious Right will talk about how it is because we have taken God out of the schools.  Opponents of gun ownership (including myself) will think the solution is to make gun ownership more controlled.  Somehow making a political statement today seems to be inappropriate in comparison to mourning with those families who have been so impacted  by this tragedy.  I would hope we could leave the politics out of our discussions for a few days.

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