Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Solar Farm at Nixon's Farm

    Last week the newspapers had a story about the possibility of a "solar farm" at the Nixon Farm in West Friendship.  This is at least the third iteration for the Nixon family from a regular farm to a location for picnics and wedding receptions to finally a new age solar farm.  While solar has had its skeptics as a viable energy source in meeting this Country's energy needs it still has the potential to be the best alternative for a clean, renewable energy source.  While presently generating only 1% of our energy, the rapid development of solar farms is seen as the next boom in energy generation.  Natural gas while a better alternative to oil and coal it is not renewable and the environmental issues with "fracking" leaves this method with many questions.  Nuclear power, once a post World War Two clean energy solution, has difficult safety issues as seen by Two Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima and an unclear solution for the spent nuclear waste.
    The need for clean energy was once again seen last week with the report that the glaciers in Greenland are melting at three times the rate of just 15 years ago.  The United States is now number two in contributing CO2 to the environment with China now being the number one contributor.   The only positive thing about this change is that China can make radical economic changes with its government controlled economy.  Their ability to rapidly respond to a national need was seen with their success with the one child policy to control their population grow.

     I blogged a few months ago about how in the 1980's Howard County Government designed its new building to eventually have solar panels.  Maybe it is time to have another look at installing the panels on these buildings.

P.S. 1
   It may not be as big a change in energy production but the story of Energizer battery factories closing because of rechargeable batteries shows another change in how we generate power.

P.S. 2
From the Climate Change Initiative of Howard County:

Drilling Down
A Conference on Fracking Risks and Action in Maryland
Saturday, Dec 8, 10 - 4 p.m.
Registration starts at 9 a.m.
University of Baltimore

Maryland’s first-ever statewide conference on fracking. Hundreds of Marylanders -- activists, legislators, and fracking experts -- will come together for an inspiring, informative, and action-oriented day.
  • Get the facts on the dangers of fracking.
  • Meet inspiring activists on the front lines of the drilling threat in PA, NY and Western Maryland.
  • Rub elbows with Maryland legislators taking the lead on addressing fracking in our General Assembly.
  • Leave energized to join the fight in Maryland to win strong protections for our water, our health, and our climate.
  • After 4pm, consider after party to continue to make connections and debrief with fellow attendees.
Sign up Now! $15 in advance, $20 at door and includes lunch. Less for students. See list of fantastic speakers and registration (advance payment) here and here.
After you register you can add $7 for reduced rate parking. There will be carpools from Columbia.
Location: University of Baltimore, Langsdale Auditorium, corner of Maryland Ave. & West Oliver St. Use the entrance on West Oliver St., Baltimore, MD 21201.

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