Monday, December 17, 2012

Another reminder of how educators are heroes

     Like many people this weekend I couldn't escape the wall to wall coverage of the shootings which took place last Friday.  Somehow this incidence took on a powerful reminder to all of us that we place our children in the hands of educators in our schools for a significant amount of their early lives.  Having had our children go through the Howard County school system I can vouch for the wonderful teachers and other personnel in our local schools.
      Their care, love and concern for our children was so apparent with every interaction we had with them.  I was reminded of this when I heard the tragic stories of how the six adults in the Sandy Hook school gave their lives in an attempt to save the lives of the children in their school.
    I know that any of the teachers I met in our local schools would do the same thing to save their children.   It is appropriate to use the words "their children" because that is how they viewed the children whom they taught.
   But they do so much more than teach our children their ABC's, they give them love and caring that reinforces the love we give our children in our homes.
    If you see a teacher or any school personnel today tell them how much you appreciate all that they do and for choosing to work in such a noble profession.

    Somehow listening to residents talk about Newtown you couldn't help but think about the similarities to Columbia.  Even its name implied a town that was designed to be different.  What the residents of their town talked about was what we would be saying about our town if the tragedy had happened here.

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