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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Longest Table

      Last week I had a chance to participate in an event that is so Howard County.  The event was called "The Longest Table" and it brought together Howard County residents from all walks of life to discuss how living in Howard County has impacted us and how we want Howard County to improve moving forward.

    Interestingly the people near me were asked what we missed in Columbia or Howard County and the one thing that got the most vigorous response was the Visitors Center that many of us remember as the place we learned about what made Columbia special.  It gave us a common vision for the community we were moving to.
     This event was co sponsored by Howard County Library, United Way of Howard County, the Columbia 50th Birthday Celebration, #OneHowardand the Howard County Community College .  I hope that events like this will continue.



Sadad Fatin Sabbag said...

This is an amazing post you have shared . Liked and admire you post .

Linda Wengel said...

The Columbia Downtown Partnership has considered opening a Welcome Center downtown. Your reporting on the importance of the Exhibit Center to Columbians might encourage them to proceed.