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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Tomato Palace is closing

  One of my favorite outdoor dining options will soon be closing.

The Tomato Place had a nice location near the Lake and summer evenings were a great place to take out of town guests.  Moving over to the stage for some music or a movie made for a nice way to show off what Columbia had to offer.  Unfortunately it will be closing to allow Clyde's to open a music and dining venue.

No more take out pizza from their brick oven

Or the chicken rigatoni


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Unknown said...

Our family was extremely disappointed to hear about the fate of our favorite Columbia restaurant. We had been coming here for almost 10 years, and it was one of the few restaurants my picky, pizza-focused children loved. Mom and Dad enjoyed the ambiance and the low prices, especially the $10 bottles of wine (which were all surprisingly good). We will really miss this place.