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Friday, July 28, 2017

Hail to the "Bully" in Chief

      OK I have held off for a while but it is getting to the point that yelling at the TV when Trumpy comes on is not enough anymore.  Trump's speech to the Boy Scouts pushed me over the edge.  So today is blowing off a little steam.  Pardon my need to do this.
      I have always been unsure how citizens of country with an authoritarian leader could blindly follow this type of leader.  Of course with control of political opposition and any media there is limited or non existent counter information available to the citizens of these countries.  Citizens of a country that has always been ruled by authoritarian rulers have no experience with hearing a wide range of information.  We are not surprised that citizens of countries like Russia and North Korea blindly follow their rulers.  I guess what surprises me a little is that we have 30-40% of our citizens who could blindly follow our own homegrown authoritarian bully.   His cabinet having to proclaim their honor of serving him is truly scary. Trump's attempts to discredit and belittle the judiciary, political opposition and media because they will not blindly follow his interests shows his true authoritarian nature.  His willingness to lie and his obsession with Hillary Clinton and Obama show some character flaws that leave many to question his delusional mental health.  His willingness to throw even a supporter like Attorney General Sessions under the bus for his independence should make anyone in his administration wonder about their job security.  Apparently loyalty only goes one way.  Imagine trying to recruit people to join the present administration.
    So where does this leave those of us that are appalled by Trump?  The Democrats can try to win back the House of Representatives in 2018 so that they can start impeachment hearings but to get 67 senators to convict him could be next to impossible.  Maybe to only way to get rid of him is for him to realize that to get a pardon he has to resign with the understanding that Pense will pardon him the way Ford pardoned Nixon.  Of course Trump might test out the constitutional question of him being able to pardon himself.  When you think that the Supreme Court would have to rule on the ability of a criminal president to be totally above the law you realize how dangerous a situation we find ourselves in as democratic republic.  Is it any wonder that Western Democracies are shaking their heads at our country right now?

     Know what Trump was referring to when he was talking about William Levitt's yacht? Here it is.

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edblisa said...

But the idea of Pence becoming President is a lot more scary than what we have installed at the White House at the moment. At least with Trump, he can't keep his mouth shut and he can't stay away from social media and he is a really bad know what's coming. Pence (along with Bannon) is a very scary man and I really think that Trump is a puppet. He is keeping the public amused while the movers and shakers take care of business behind closed doors. The problem is that Trump goes off script and ad libs (his egotistical nature) and it keeps getting in the way. The foundation of the administration is eroding and everything will collapse soon. The sad part is that the 99% will take the brunt of the falling debris. Worst thing Obama did with the recession was to bail out the banks and auto industry and allow free market to take over America.