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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Phubs Vietnamese restaurant

   After reading about a new Vietnamese restaurant in HowChow I decided to give Phubs a try after a bike ride around BWI airport.  Phubs is just off of Route 176 in Hanover.  The name is a hybrid that explains the two types of food offerings at the restaurant.  

   The first half of the name is for Pho the Vietnamese noodle dishes that are familiar in many different Asian restaurants in our area. 

       What is more interesting is the second part of their name the Vietnamese subs called Banh Mi.  The sub above is the BBQ chicken sub with a unique Asian taste.  Very good.

   Unfortunately their Spring Rolls came out soggy and bland.

   Definitely worth another visit for one of their other subs.


   Saw this at Costco and thought that anyone trying to avoid cholesterol by eating an egg white English Muffin should probably not add any type of sausage to the muffin.  I know that it had to have sausage on the muffin because it is made by Jimmy Dean but just couldn't see the reason that they thought they could attract new health conscious customers by using egg whites.


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