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Friday, July 4, 2014

Creating a new mid summer holiday


   Last week Claire McGill, one of our local bloggers, posted a humorous You Tube video on the Fourth of July from a Brit's perspective.  If you haven't found Claire's blog from my list of blogs I follow you should check out her blog.  We Americans are always attracted to anyone with a British accent.  Is it something in our genes that makes us gravitate to anything English?  I know that many of us come from a wide range of foreign countries (Native Americans excepted) but somehow most of us have adopted English cultural as American.   Go to Europe and see what they call breakfast and then go to England and see that they eat a breakfast that we Americans would recognize.  We share more than a language.
      Getting back to the Fourth of July and our liking to "rub British noses in the dirt" every year over how we defeated them over 200 years ago I must say that I fully understand how our British friends get their "noses out of joint" over this celebration.  OK, enough with the nose analogies.  Maybe it is time to get past this part of our long past history and just celebrate a new American mid summer holiday.  We certainly need to have as many summer holidays to give us a reason to keep our beaches financially viable as possible.  But maybe it is time in our Country to recognize that beating up on one of our closest allies from a long since misunderstanding is know longer good for our relationship.  Even rebellious children can recognize that their parents aren't really the monsters we thought they were in our teenage years.  Maybe it would be a sign of national maturity that we come up with a new mid summer holiday to celebrate that keeps the picnics and fireworks but leaves the British defeat out of it.   My suggestion would be to move Presidents Day to the Fourth of July and skip a February holiday.  Who wants a holiday in cold February?  To make up for the lost holiday I would make the new Presidents Day a 2 day holiday every year.  Trading a February holiday for a new 2 day July holiday makes sense to me.
     Happy Presidents Day, Claire!  Feel better?

    What if the British has won?  Here is one opinion.

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s. chou said...

I know this post is in jest, but lots of modern countries that were former colonies of various nations have their own Independence or National days. So I say keep our Independence Day!